ANOTHER Summer…GONE…Already?!?

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Should it be such a surprise when time seems to dissipate before our eyes? We realize and even accept the fact that time is on a continuum and moving forward. Moments we wish would linger seem to cycle on through all the faster and feel gone before we know it. Certain moments or situations we would rather forget and leave in the past nudge in and take over the present.

Ahhh the freshness of the next season…Let’s embrace the here and now and raise our intention to mindfully cherish what, or rather WHO, matters most. Embrace recent opportunities for growth and keep putting one foot gracefully in front of the other regardless of the season.

Remember those childhood games of kick ball, when it was your turn to be the “kicker”? Do you ever recall when the pitch wouldn’t feel just right? How quick we were to holler out “DO OVER”?!  Perhaps we find ourselves longing for a “DO OVER” on a task, the past season, a conversation, or situation. Regardless of the possible pain, regrets, or the circling propensity to re-do something, limitations exist.

Consider looking at a way to re-frame the assortment of memories or remembrances or thoughts which feel unchangeable in order to transform your approach. Transforming our current mindset just may lead to peace amidst the unexpected bombardment of life scenarios.

One evening this past summer we found ourselves reeling from an unexpected experience which caused us to propel into a state of denial and shock, quickly we were led to many emotions including panic, angst, and disbelief. As summer unfolded, this particular situation took many twists and turns from day to day…even minute to minute…and there we were right in the middle of it screaming and crying, “DO OVER!!” Over time, we have worked to accept the challenge to reframe and focus forward.

Journey continuing on this end. How about you? Feel free to add in and share your thoughts and experiences. Nonetheless…

Happy AUTUMN as we embrace this FALL
A time to review, renew, refresh, and recall

Enable the season of HARVEST to help you reflect
Upon opportunities given to reframe and redirect

Every kind thought and helpful gesture
Offers propensity for a restored posture

What endeavor will you pursue?
As you thoughtfully plod through

Continue to step mindfully and flow
Willing to learn and quietly grow

Will you intentionally believe?
Open your heart and receive…

Love learn and into the process lean
Be okay for things to remain unseen

Stay strong even when the task at hand you may dread
A deeper purpose may be on the horizon…just up ahead

© 2021 Kathleen Bauer, Ed D
Alongside her husband B 🙂