Unprecedented Times Continue

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Wow…”unprecedented times” this feels so overstated yet so accurate and unpredictable at the same time. And the season continues… we plunge into SUMMERTIME…

How will you take a summer break?? Or will you…? Are you able to relax and unwind?? Or are you feeling even more wound up in anticipation of what may or may not be??

Do your best to find moments of rest, relaxing, and rejuvenation in a healthy manner. Think about starting a new book, blog, podcast or article search. Refreshing your mind can offer a new perspective!

Sometimes I find myself wondering…Is it the adverse events making me anxious or my THOUGHTs about those events? As these thoughts and scenarios swoop in like a hungry hawk…and threaten to overtake, what can we do?

The anxiety issues of COVID-19 swirl around us and feel overwhelming. Are we safe returning to work, restaurants, coffee shops, parks…etc? Will there be a rebound?? If so, when? What will school look like in the fall…will homeschooling happen again?  Many questions are rising and recycling through our minds… Grappling through this time will impact everyone differently…and it is inevitable.

Racial tensions leading to protests…even civil unrest, riots and looting… So many questions…concerns…people may be fearful to say anything or to say nothing at all…how do we have these conversations and not offend, as we strive toward lasting peaceful solutions?

This current reality is directly affecting everyone…yet what we do with situations whether predictable or not and how we purpose to mindfully learn and go through them matters…

Acceptance and understanding of your own worry, anxiety, anger, fear…and then compiling with emotions of others around you as you seek to merge with the new normal of life feels disruptive at best…and honestly chaotic.

Speaking of chaos…at the time of readying to post this blog, my husband Brian and I were out on a walk…Our COVID-19 ritual to end the evening with movement continues… The threat of a storm at the moment had seemingly passed…(you know what’s coming…)…Clouds on the horizon but not near….Less than 5 minutes prior we had passed a family with children giggling as they splashed in the residual puddles from earlier…And the thunder rolled in…the rain came…not a drip drop a complete DOWN POUR a good half mile from home… On one hand cleansing… on the other hand chaotic…what were we to do…?? We had to keep moving…one foot in front of the other, attitude mattered, spirits strengthened…while mindfully accepting our plight… made it home…! Unprecedented? Unpredictable? UNBELIEVABLE…? Perhaps!

So…the deepest and most authentic question for life currently may be…
Is your MIND FULL, or are you MINDFUL?

When the unpredictable and unprecedented moments threaten to overtake your being…
Here is a small list of reminders offering a quick way to cope: Validate, Formulate, Articulate

Validate emotions – Allow yourself to feel and process. If you are having a tough time figuring out how you feel, or you keep using the same emotion (such as anger, sad, or frustrated), Google “Emotion List”, and read through some different lists to expand your emotional understanding of yourself and where you are…

Formulate thoughts – Take a few moments to gather your thoughts, maybe even write them down. (BREATHE) Writing out ones thoughts can lead to clarity, connectivity with where the thoughts come from, why we have them,  believe them,  may be holding onto them…?

Articulate plans to move forward – After collecting your thoughts consider a plan to cope. Ponder what this looks like for you and plan some small steps to quest forward. Throughout the summer, the next three blogs will come alongside you offering practical ways for you to design a personal plan to help you maintain… Self-Care for the MIND, BODY and SOUL is often spoken of, considered for brief moments here and there, and then just as quickly laid aside…

Purpose not to entertain fret and worry
Vulnerably settle when prone to scurry

Intentionally drop and leave negative
Purpose to focus into and on positive

Unprecedented times may linger
Invite them to make you stronger

Renew thoughts and refresh your mind
To your heart and soul seek to be kind


Looking so forward to the ongoing participation as we cultivate ourselves and those around us!


© 2020, Kathleen Bauer, Ed D