Staying Connected Within the Realm of LIFE as it is NOW!!

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Synchronizing Social Distancing and Connecting

Aligning and redefining how to stay socially connected while appropriately and respectfully social distancing has recently been prioritized worldwide.

How did we get to TODAY?

Even a month ago, could we imagine where we are right now?

Unfortunately, this recent phenomenon of social distancing has led many to feelings of isolation, loneliness, fearfulness, paranoia, and panic.

Keeping connectivity alive within the realm of LIFE as it is happening and unfolding…we are challenged to stay in communication with one another as we navigate this adventure of whatever the “new normal” of the day or moment may be …

How are you dealing with the changes we have been whisked into? Have you been thrust into negativity? Are you going with it? Any chance you are feeling overwrought with it all? Do despair or distraught resonate with any of your emotions and limitations? Whether they be perceived, generated from outside situations, or physical in nature, limitations of what we can and cannot do or control exist. How do we function to connect in tandem, yet respect the boundaries of social distancing in place?

Exploring elements of seeking to keep mindful of how our Brain, Body, Heart, and Soul can stay in synch with self and others is vital…But HOW? Positivity must prevail. With all of the information flowing and swirling and even overtaking…HOW is this possible?

Perhaps…we all consider adding a few endeavors to refresh and replenish ourselves and those around us…

  • Stay connected by:
    • Sending a card or letter …snail mail …it still works
      • Having younger learners draw pictures to send to others, maybe even cut them apart so the recipient has a “love puzzle” to put together!
      • Activate a “pen pal” system
    • Facetiming with family and friends, perhaps reading stories aloud!
      • Share a snack, toast, meal or coffee via social media
    • Reconnecting with old friends
    • Checking in with elderly friends and family members
    • Starting a text or snapchat strand to add some humor into the mix
      • These offer invaluable opportunities to recall and share nostalgic memories
  • Mindfully move beyond yourself and your own needs by:
    • Reaching out to loved ones who struggle with depression and anxiety
    • Donating money to a local food pantry or charity
    • Maintaining memberships with local venues as possible
    • Supporting local businesses by ordering out using pick-up and delivery services
  • Maximize “different” or down time embracing a “new” routine by:
    • Taking a walk outdoors
    • Participating in online yoga or exercise workout (if exercise is a normal routine…keep going…something is better than nothing!)
    • Listening to music that moves you
    • Playing board or card games, or putting a puzzle together…together
    • Creating a “scavenger hunt” throughout your home
    • Cooking together
    • Reading a book (to yourself or others…!)
    • Consider watching a movie with family or friends virtually
      • Use the Netflix invite link…
  • EMBRACE beyond what is going on by:
    • Finding humor…keep laughing and share it forward with others…
    • Learning something new!
    • Attending meetings or gatherings online including…
      • Religious services
      • Participating in the various streaming academic experiences available
      • Taking part in 12 step or self-help groups

Finally…maybe just choose an extra one or two of the above mentioned and GO FOR IT! As you ponder the people, possessions, and practicalities present in our situation…find your peace and seek to position yourself as well as you can.

How will you choose to wait?
Or will you opt to speculate?

Can you find calm within the chaos of the space around you?
Allowing heart and soul to mindfully and reflectively renew?

Find a fresh new way to exercise being flexible
You will find new strength to choose adaptable

Let us all stay engaged and maintain our connection
Choosing to embrace others as we seek protection!

Embedded within our opportunity at this fragile time, we are all challenged to rise up within our respective communities and beyond!

REMEMBER…we WILL get through this TOGETHER!!!

© Kathleen Bauer, Ed D 2020