In Loving Lifelong Learning

And…the journey of COVID-19 continues…As we seek to settle into whatever the “new normal” is suggesting…how are YOU processing THROUGH? Running through my mind over and over right now is the phrase…”WHO KNEW?!?!?!” Is this uninvited season of introspection settling into your routine or are you struggling to navigate your path? …Perhaps we are all experiencing a little of both extremes as we seek to find our balance.

While our schedules feel more flexible than ever, are they more than full?

We may find ourselves wondering if this worldwide crisis will ever be truly over?

This pandemic has been unsettling at best, yet has thrust all of us into a variety of situations, some of which may threaten negativity, maybe others are welcome and worth the embrace…

So…while the Starbucks schedule is unpredictable, dining at a local favorite restaurant feels unimaginable, there is no current quest for the Stanley Cup, baseball season is on hold, and the products we are accustomed to purchasing are limited and even Amazon Prime is now on back order…we are stretched to find positivity!

Have you found more worth in spending time with those you love and value most?

Just last week I was invited to a social distancing drive by birthday celebration for Margaret and Jennifer, HAPPY 21!!! Additionally, I received an invitation to submit a social distancing birthday video, HAPPY 21st Joseph!!! How creative…LOVED the energy, and… I taught all three of these kiddos in Kindergarten.

Are you able to focus on appreciation of what we do have?

The shining sun, budding trees, fresh air, and in some ways a throwback for sweet small experiences. Stay strong and live forward with newfound depth and strength!

Words I keep thinking…”Who KNEW”
All we would continue to go through?

This virus was uninvited
However it has invaded 

Will we allow this season to stretch our soul
Inviting the coronavirus to help us fill a hole

Mindfully appreciate this novel pace
Seeking to probe and find fresh grace

Does having social distance
Bring you any resistance?

Seek to focus toward the positive
Intentionally let go of all negative

Rather than wistful
Let’s choose grateful! 

As ALWAYS…feel free to add into the conversation started here…your input is welcome!

© Kathleen Bauer, Ed D 2020