Wrapping Up Mind Body and Soul

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Days are quickly becoming shorter and evening is weaving its way in earlier and earlier recently.

A quote by Lao Tzu is currently resonating especially strong …

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

Our summer days are fading away…However…we have hope for peace!

Fall brings refreshment, a sense of new beginnings…this gradual change of the season time offers promise to propel and opportunity to renew and challenge us forward…

How will you continue to maximize moments of mindful outdoor fresh air therapy…?

This writing piece has been completed while taking in these last few days of summer filled with warm sunshine and breeze…ahhh so revitalizing!

Yet…we still have much to mindfully ponder…How are we to find purpose in the process of refreshing when the weather or perhaps the emotional climate we are immersed in doesn’t lend itself to that?? The continuing impact of COVID-19 threatens to invade another season. Adjustments, pivots, and differentiation of how activities are carried forth is a remaining factor and reality for us all.

As we anticipate the change of season, (September 22nd is the official first day of FALL with the actual start time of 9:31 a.m. ET), Let’s take a look at the word VISIT…Within the word we see a couple of smaller words, one of them is…SIT. SIT is not something we may readily think of doing when we have opportunity to VISIT with someone…Perhaps a small take away is to maximize moments of viSITing with loved ones and even if physical distancing is prevailing, try to take a few moments to SIT for a viSIT! Brighten someone else’s current circumstance and perhaps your own!

Regardless of the time, weather, season, or climate…How will you seek to mindfully be present with your presence? Will you intentionally seek to grow through whatever scenario or situation “IT” is you are “visiting” through? Whatever IT is…SIT down for a VISIT and strengthen yourself and others! Does the season change challenge you? Motivate you?


Challenge brings change
A chance to rearrange…


Find reason and purpose for your heart mind and soul
Taking care of your complete self, helping it feel whole


Seeking to find a fresh new voice
Managing again to make a choice


Situations will impact your perspective
Choose to look up make this elective


Mindfully connect eye to eye, heart to heart
Stay strong and brave, and seek to take part


Energize yourself and another with a viSIT
Vitalize your being as you connect and SIT


Look to apply all you know
As you work learn and grow


So really…How are YOU? Join the conversation and feel free to share your thoughts!


© 2020, Kathleen Bauer, Ed D 🙂