Social Distance, or Physical Distance? Let’s Keep Building Grit & Resilience

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Social distance… or physical distance?
Let’s keep building grit and resilience

In a meeting the other day
A colleague put it this way

So I began to think seek and ponder toward
How we should not stifle but grow forward

What does this look like in the scope of bringing normalcy to life?
Let’s make our goal to spread joy peace and love amidst the strife…

May we find creative ways to exude intentional presence
And see how we offer those around us priceless presents

Be inspired to lead and innovate
And find new paths to invigorate

Share your story as it is worth a tell
We may discover a sense of parallel

Some elements of a purge
May offer a way to merge

As we all find a fresh pure align
May our heart enjoy a redesign!

SO…In regard to this pandemic…Is it Social Distance or in the truest sense… Physical Distance??!

Let’s aim to stay well distanced PHYSICALLY
As we seek to remain connected SOCIALLY!!

A prime example of PHYSICAL DISTANCING with a mindful Social Connection…

A heart warmer
TRUE soul lifter 

A former student’s video share blessed my heart
Enjoy every second of it …don’t miss one part!!

How are you seeking to recapture life during this COVID-19 time?
Are there specific elements you have found that feel oddly sublime?

 Feel free to add to the discussion and share your take-aways and ideas!

© 2020, Kathleen Bauer, Ed D

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