In Loving Lifelong Learning

Relationships…Any view you choose to use…they can be both exhilarating and frustrating simultaneously…can’t they? Do they need to be?

Whether casual, familial, or a deliberate and chosen preference, healthy and fulfilling relationships take commitment, strength, intuition, imagination, connection, like, love, kindness, friendship, respect, learning, passion, diligence…and the list goes on and on and on…

Over the past weekend my husband and I attended the wedding of our oldest and ever so dear niece…and precious great niece… 🙂

He MARRIED both of them!!

As we have watched their life story unfold and witnessed the continuance of their adventure…wow! Another HUGE reminder of the moments in life we are drawn to press PAUSE

seeking to be present in the moment while evaluating our own journey.

In the next few posts we will explore practical and mindful ideas and thoughts regarding the process of nurturing the relationships we are in or will inevitably encounter.

Please implement caution and BEWARE
It can really be a JUNGLE way out there!

Kindness respect and positivity
Relationships demand energy

While we may always desire to smile and reach forward
There are moments we feel too weak in growing onward

Will you renew, support, and walk with me
Loving, hoping, imagining extravagantly?

You plus me
It is our WE

Let’s do the journey and stay on the course
With a complete heart as our energy source

Life can definitely feel like a ZOO…
On your path find Adventure to pursue!

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© 2020, Kathleen Bauer, Ed D 🙂