Hope for a New Year!

 In Loving Lifelong Learning

Help, Happy, and HOPE…always on the horizon and available!

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will”…This was stated by a Greek Philosopher named Epictetus. 

Paraphrased…his quote may be reframed differently such as…IF I stop worrying and over maximizing on things and people I am unable to control…I will be more settled and happier to keep working forward…perhaps finding HOPE in the midst of all…

Epictetus also believed recognizing the will or purpose of an individual mattered immensely in defining the meaning of true education. Sometimes it is not how SMART someone is but in what ways they are SMART.

Recently we came upon some general yet meaningful statements which were connected together…Reading the list encouraged us to choose “SMARTly” as we move into and through this current season. While each phrase carries meaning, poignancy, and truth…a few resonate ever so strongly and may be a motivator as this new year of new unknowns is happening.

As you read and ponder some of the statements below, try to do so while viewing through the lens of your own self-talk…When you verbalize statements to yourself are they done so with truth? Accuracy? Are elements of love and empathy embedded into your moments of self-talk and processing? Or…are you allowing the “TO DO” list to anxiously loom and discouragement to take place of purpose?

YOU ARE STRONG Work from your strengths. Do you TRULY BELIEVE this? From the inside out? Make a list of your strengths, what you are good at, who you are…Read the list OUT LOUD to yourself every day, maybe even while looking in the mirror! 

INHALE CONFIDENCE & EXHALE DOUBT… IS this possible?? Breathe IN the GOOD of who you are and things around you…Breath OUT the NEGATIVITY. Rather than focusing on fixing what you are not made to do or be…put your energy into becoming better in what you are good at!!

MAKE YOURSELF PROUD… Keep a list of what you HAVE DONE…Perhaps saving a file of “KEEPERS” may be helpful to reference when life feels particularly difficult. You could add letters, emails, encouraging cards from others…accomplishments, promotions, etc. GO YOU!! 

KEEP MOVING…Doing something is better than nothing…Healthy activity breeds HEALTHY activity. Remember, you are headed for a MORE BEAUTIFUL destination than now…Go for it!

SWEAT MORE, SHINE LATER…Put the hard work in now to accomplish desired results and be okay with delayed gratification.

DRINK MORE WATER…it’s cleansing, refreshing, and oh so healthy! Research shows brain improvements including concentration, balancing of emotions, and memory function occur more readily when well hydrated. 

MORE SELF LOVE…Knowing yourself allows you to look in the mirror realistically…accepting and challenging to seek the best version of you…

TRY HARD EVERYDAY… work forward. What can you do TODAY to make tomorrow, next week, next month, next year better??? 

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING… “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” (Chuck Swindoll) Will you choose POSTIVITY or NEGATIVITY when reacting??

Personal goals and dreams matter…Developing yourself as a leader and learner offers you purpose to prosper emotionally and physically…and ultimately impact others. Remember to  implement realistic and positive self-talk and your influence on others will grow even stronger. When issues feel uncontrollable…choose strength and purpose forward!

As always…YOU are invited to join in on the conversation!

HOPE… a FRESH NEW Horizon just may have BEGUN
What changes will you make for your YEAR of 2021…?

May you pursue JOY and deep life meaning
Discovering fresh pathways to be enduring 

While you continue on in life
Functioning around any strife

With strength reach far
And find a bright STAR!

© 2020 Kathleen Bauer, Ed D
     Alongside her husband B 🙂