Good bye SPRING Hello SUMMER!

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Good bye SPRING Hello SUMMER!

Anyone who knows my siblings or family of origin even a ½ inch deep very well may have heard this phrase… “I was raised on an organic garden before they were popular!”

Not only were we raised with these gardens, we ate from them, tended to them, and yes throughout the 70’s were “required” to participate in gardening…weeding, hoeing, preparing the soil, picking the crops, canning the goods…much time spent for the garden fare….YUM!

I share all of this background because quite honestly…the way I happened upon mindfulness in my life evolved similarly to my love of fresh garden goods and true appreciation for work and rigor in life associated within the realm of gardening…in a very organic manner…

Breathing, Thinking, Pondering, Reflecting, Researching not only in the scholarly sense of reading the works of so many others but inquiring through the thoughts, experiences, and lessons springing from my own heart and soul. Not only searching oneself, but researching the whys just may equip you forward…

Life…Is it ever about being in the right place at the right time?? Perhaps sometimes…Who knows? Another fun fact only a few have come to know about me is my inclination for finding four leaf clovers…Not searching, seeking, looking in an unending manner…literally being out on a walk aware and noticing and then stopping and collecting the harvest…Since I can recall…every year I have collected a variety at random times and places.

This year has been bountiful and abundant in regard to 4 leaf clovers…what a sweet reminder of FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, “LUCK”, JOY, PEACE, HEALTH!!! And…perhaps…being in the right place at the right time unknowingly and just going with it…Sometimes we quest, other times we are just called to go with it…

The unexpected spring storms of life happened “organically” as I was growing up, they are still happening now… readjustment has been and will be called for…Change and a mode of flexibility feels not only constant but in some ways compelling. This concept unfolds similarly for all of us, yet so different due to our personal growth path through life.

Situations or another way to frame it is…a SEASON of GROWTH…has the power to STOP us in our tracks…STAY with us…and STING over and over and over…Or we can dig a little deeper, grow a little stronger, and seek a fresh new harvest….

It’s SUMMERTIME!! Ahhhh…just those words bring a feeling of RELIEF, extra peace, more Ted Drewes, freedom…Enjoy the longer evenings, a LOT of fresh air and grow forward!

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure
Nor this thing nor that, but simply growth
We are happy when we are growing. William Butler Yeats

When unexpectedly called to readjust
Keep moving forward despite the thrust

The heart will mindfully show
A soul garden indeed to grow

When you question what to do
Hold on and you’ll get THROUGH?!

Be willing and open to take a new gander
Let your summer stance be… to PONDER

Continue to go and you will grow
Always be willing to quietly show

Quest for honest peace and light
Regardless of the doom or plight

Although the process may feel too long
Eventually it will lead you to a new song

Love learn and into the process lean
Be okay for things to remain unseen

Stay strong and get through even what you may dread
A deeper purpose is on the horizon…and just up ahead

Are you GROWING?!? Is it SHOWING?!?! Keep it FLOWING!

© 2021 Kathleen Bauer, Ed D
Alongside her husband B 🙂